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How to extract land points only from wrfout files

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New member

I am running a 10-year WRF simulation over a domain that includes both land and ocean. For my analysis I want to consider only the land points (for example, when extracting the variable T2 I want to only extract T2 points over land).

Is there a way to extract land points only from the wrfout and wrfxtrm files? I am familiar with cdo but haven't been able to find the right operation to do this. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I am fairly new to using WRF :)

The variable "landsea" is included i wrfout. This variable indicates whether the model point is land(=1) or water(=0). You can use this variable to mask out water point.
Hi Ming,

I am trying to use the variable landsea to mask out water points but I am not sure how to do so such that the water points for all other variables (such as T2) is masked out as well. Any tips?

Would you please post the command you use, just in case someone else may want to do the same/similar ? Thanks in advance.
Yes of course,

the commands I used are:

cdo selvar,LANDMASK
cdo ifthen

this should produce a file of wrf output that only includes the land points!