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how to extract minimum value of SLP and maximum value of WSP in RIP

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To whom it my concern,
I run WRF-NMM for a Tropical cyclone. Now I need to evaluate the model in minimum sea level pressure (to gether with its location) and maximum wind speed (and its location).
I need also to illurtrate these location in the plot with a symbol.
please help me how to extraxt these informtion from UIF in rip and also specify that with a symbol in the generated figure.
There are ways to plot wind speed and pressure at certain levels with RIP, but not necessarily to pinpoint the specific location of max/min values in those plots. In WRF, there are diagnostics that can find those values, and then you could perhaps plot them with RIP, or another post-processing program. You can read about the diagnostics here:

The above Users' Guide is specific to the ARW core of the WRF model. I have never worked with NMM, and it is no longer supported or developed, so I'm not certain that the diagnostics packages work with NMM. You may be able to find NMM-specific diagnostics information on one of their websites, but I'm not sure.