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How to find the top level of the planetary boundary layer in WRF?

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I'm working on WRF Chem and want to calculate CO2 concentrations only in the Planetary Boundary Layer (I mean, I want to calculate CO2 from surface to top of PBL). WRF (Wide Range Forecasting) How do I compute the PBL level? We have (PBLH: the height of PBL in WRF, but it doesn't tell us what the top level of PBL is as compared to all other levels in the model?). Like a payday loan at There are 37 vertical levels in my model. f I'll calculate the pressure weight of its level and the contribution of PBL concentration now that I know the level of PBL. How can I calculate the CO2 concentration in PBL height based on the weight of the PBL layer? Thank you for all of your help.
You may look at the height of each model levels by (ph + phb)/9.8, then find the one that is closest to PBLLH. Using that level as the approximate level of PBLH. Does this meet your requirement?
For your 2nd question, how to calculate CO2 concentration based on PBLH, I don't have an answer. We are not experts in chemistry. I would suggest you post this question to wrf-chem forum.