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How to get U,V output at isobaric level?


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I want to get U,V values at 24 isostatic levels (100000Pa, 97500Pa, ...).

In other words, U for 100000Pa, U for 97500Pa, and V for 97500Pa

I read the WRF manual and it comes out as below, can I get wind speed data at the iso-pressure level I want with the &diag and auxhist23 settings?

However, when I checked "ncdump -h wrfpress_<domain>_<date>", there are only U10 and V10 variables at 10m, not U and V(3-dimensions) on the isobaric surface.
I will attach the namelist.input that I set.

Can you tell me if there's anything wrong?




  • namelist.input
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I believe the same post have been in a different forum and I have answered the question. The issue has been solved. Please let me know if I am wrong.