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How to introduce anthropogenic heat (AH) in WRF/UCM?

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Hi everyone,I just started to study WRF/UCM in the recent days and know anthropogenic heat (AH) is an important physical variable for urban heat islan(UHI) in the model,but I don't know how to use my AH data or don't account for the AH in WRF/UCM,should I change some parameter value in namelist.input file or do something else?
I’m really stuck at this problem,If someone could help me I would be grateful very much!
Please look at the parameters below in URBPARM.TBL

# AH: Anthropogenic heat [ W m{-2} ]
# (sf_urban_physics=1)

AH: 20.0, 50.0, 90.0

# ALH: Anthropogenic latent heat [ W m{-2} ]
# (sf_urban_physics=1)

ALH: 20.0, 25.0, 40.0

You can tune these values based on your specific case.
Thanks a lot.I know that TBL file,it gives the average values of AH of three urban land use categories,but if I have the spatial AH data,can I introduce the data to my model?
Theoretically, you can use the spatially varying AH data. But This will involve lots of codes modification.
I would like to ask you another question.
Can I add directly my spatially heterogeneous AH data to the sensible heat flux term which in wrfinput file?Because I saw a sentence in one paper(fllowing chart),but I am not sure I understand it correctly.


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sensible heat flux is not a variable in wrfinput. It is calculated in surface scheme and is updated every time step.
You may look at the codes related to sst_update, which might give you some hints how to ingest time-varying AH into the model.
Thanks for your replay.I still don't see how to incorporate the heterogeneous AHR in model,can you give me some hint,such as one of files maybe related to the modification of AH?
Thanks a lot!
It is hard to explain because this is a very specific issue. Probably you can look at the codes related to set_update, which introduce spatially-temporarily varying SST into the model system. I suppose this is similar to what you want to do.
Can I know where I can find set_update for SST for example ??. I am also looking to introduce a new variable eg AH_TRAFFIC to introduce in WRF-UCM/BEP/BEM for the study.
Please type the command below in top WRF directory:
grep -i set_update */*.F
You will find all codes that involves this option. These are what you may need to take a look.