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How to output new upper-air with tslist?

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I looked at your namelist.input. One question I have is that:
why did you set num_soil_layers = 9 when running with NoahMP? Did you modify the codes?
I try to look at your rwfinput data, but get many error messages like:
Warning: did not correctly match mapped dims specified in the coordinates attribute to dims in the variable
Problem encountered on variable "SOILCBOT" which has shape (1,16,164,234)
and has coordinates attribute "XLONG XLAT XTIME"
The problem is that coordinate var "XLAT" has shape (1,164,234), which does not match dimensions in the variable being mapped!
Abandoning coordinate mapping for this variable

Please clarify the model version and whether you modify anything.

Thanks for your reply! I corrected the value for num_soil_layers = 4 (namelist is attached). Please also find attached the log files for real and wrf runs, as well as the header of my wrfinput file. I am using the WRF V4.2, but the metgrid files were prepared with the WPS V4.0.
I have not done any modifications.

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when I run the real.exe with num_soil_layers = 4 and num_soil_layers = 9 and compare the wrfinput_d01 files with the diff they are the same.

I want to update you that I was not able to understand why the WRF V4.2 writes inaccurate values for pressure in the *PR files when the solar_diagnostics = 1 option is used (without doing any code modification in the WRF V4.2 package).
Please note, the *PR files are fine without using the solar_diagnostics = 1 option.

Considering the above issue I have to come back to the previous version of WRF V4.1.4.
I want to add the RIMI variable (available in the Registry.EM_COMMON file) to the tslist output .

state real rimi ikj misc 1 - irh "RIMI" "riming intensity" "fraction"

I modified the wrf_timeseries and Registry.EM_COMMON files properly as suggested by you previously (files are attached). However, during the compilation the WRF shows the following error:


grid%ts_rimi_profile(n,i,k) = grid%moist(ix,k,iy,p_rimi)
Error: Symbol ‘p_rimi’ at (1) has no IMPLICIT type
Command exited with non-zero status 1

The log.compile file is also attached.

I am also interested in adding the following three variables in the tslist output:

state real re_cloud ikj misc 1 - r "RE_CLOUD" "Effective radius cloud water" "m"
state real re_ice ikj misc 1 - r "RE_ICE" "Effective radius cloud ice" "m"
state real re_snow ikj misc 1 - r "RE_SNOW" "Effective radius snow" "m"

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