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How to produce a seasonal forecasting using the WRF model?


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Hello everyone,

I want to produce a precipitation seasonal forecast for next months of this year. I want to know how will be the behavior of the precipitation in the next six months.

I want to run a WRF simulation with CFSv2 operational runs data to do seasonal dynamical downscaling.

Where can I get the CFSv2 operational runs data?

I need guidance as to use the WRF to perform this task. I have the WRF model installed . The remaining task is now to produce a seasonal forecast.
The run WRF for climate simulation, the most important option is sst_update. You need to turn on this option in namelist.input (i.e., sst_update =1 ), which will update time-varying surface information (e.g., SST, LAI, SEAICE, etc) based on the period of integration. Except for this, the model run should be the same as that for short-term weather forecast.

Please ask NOAA about CFSv operational data.
Thanks for the information. I want to get a forescating seasonal for the months (July,August, September, October, November, December) of year 2023 .

Can you share a example of the namelist.input and namelist.wps for this forescating seasonal? . Thanks
Please see the attached namelsit.input, which is used or climate simulation over CONUS. This is just an example and you should modify it based on your case.
There is no special options in namelist.wps for climate simulation, You can imply follow the normal steps o run WPS. Thereby I didn't provide namelist.wps for your reference.
Hope this is helpful.


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