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How to remove the friction effect in WRF?


New member
I want to exclude surface friction effect and set the exchange coefficient Cd=0. Meanwhile, I intend to keep Ck unchanged.
whether can I achieve this goal through modifying the namelist.input, or should I modify the source code of WRF?
There is no namelist option that can turn off momentum exchange but keep heat/moisure exchange on. Pease modify the related code based on your option of sf_sfclay_physics.
Thanks for reply. I use the MM5 surface layer scheme, thus I need to modify the module_sf_sfclay.F. However, I found that the Ck and Cd is only diagnostic variable and is determined by ZNT in the source code. When I set Cd=0 and Ck=0.001, I wonder if these changes will be adopted for the calculation of surface heat and momentum fluxes?