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How to replace SST as a constant

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I am investigating how to simulate by changing sea surface temperature. I found a way to change SST over time (eg sst_update). But what I want to do is change the SST as a constant.
I usually run ungrib.exe using FNL data, Vtable_GFS and Vtable_SST. I came up with the idea of shifting the time of Vtable_GFS and Vtabe_SST as a way to change the constant SST. Is this possible? (For example, 2018 GFS and 2015 SST are synthesized with metgrid.exe and simulated as 2018)
Please let me know if there is any other way.

(And if you have any mistakes in my knowledge, please point it out.)
1) Are you using an additional SST dataset, or the SST that is included with GFS data?
2) I'm not certain if I understand your exact question, but try taking a look at this tutorial that discusses 2 different ways to use SST data:
Perhaps the "update with only the initial time" example will be what you are referring to. If not, please let me know, and provide a bit more information.
1) The SST included in the FNL data is used.
2) The example of “update only at the first time” is the information I was looking for.

Thank you.

Here are additional questions.
The online tutorial states that the SST of the initial time for simulation can be used. Is it possible to use an SST with a different time from the initial SST for simulation? (Example: Vtable_GFS is used for FNL data in 2018, and Vtable_SST is used for FNL data in 2015. They are synthesized by megrid.exe and simulated.)

This is mainly to see if the simulation results change by lowering or raising a constant sea surface temperature.
You could do this, but you would need to somehow change the dates in the data, as the model is going to look for the dates of your actual simulation.
Hello. I'm sorry to reply late.
Even SST data with a time completely different from the simulation time could be used by rewriting the file name to the initial simulation time.

Thank you very much. Thank you.