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How to reset the LAI of the wrfout?

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Dear WRF users:
I want to ask some questions for reset the LAI of the wrfout. Firstly, I have modified the,wrfinput_D01,wrflowinp_D01,the LAI of these files all modified.But here's what puzzled me,the LAI of the wrfout will return to the original value.Can you give me some suggestions?Thank you very much!The following files are my namelist.input.


  • namelist.input
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This is because once wrf.exe starts, it will read LAI from the Table and won't use the data in wrfinput.
Please set rdlai2d = .true. in your namelist, and rerun the case. This option will force WRF to use LAI from wrfinput, and any changes you made will be included in wrfout.
Thank you very much for your reply, Mr. Chen !I just tried your solution,and the result in WRFOUT is already what I want. Thank you again for your help.