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How to run the WPS with USGS land use Dataset (24-Category)


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Hello Admin,

I am currently working on running the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Preprocessing System (WPS) with the USGS land use Dataset (24-Category). Specifically, I have set the geog_data_res parameter to 'usgs_30s+30s' and executed the geogrid, ungrib, and metgrid components.

However, upon inspecting the resulting met_em file, I noticed that the number of land categories is reported as 21 instead of the expected 24.

ncdump -h | grep NUM_LAND_CAT
:NUM_LAND_CAT = 21 ;

I have attached the namelist.wps file that I used. Could you kindly review it and provide guidance on how to correctly utilize the USGS land use Dataset with the full 24 land categories?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thank You


  • namelist.wps
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If you look at NUM_LAND_CAT in your data, what is its value? If it is also 21, then please change the following option in your namelist.wps from:

geog_data_res = ‘usgs_30s+30s’,


geog_data_res = ‘usgs_30s’,

And try again. This should fix your problem.