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How to run WRF-LES


New member
Hello. I am pretty new to the WRF and want to know how to run a WRF-LES simulation. Does one have to run ndown.exe for LES with pbl scheme off? Also, is there any step by step guide that I can follow to run LES?
WRF provides a capability for ideal LES simulation. Please take a look at the WRF/test/em_les/README.les to get some idea how it works.
Note that real-data LES simulation could be more complicated.
Hi. I am trying to compile the em_les and when I run ./compile em_les only the executables wrf.exe and real.exe are created. Does anyone know why this could happen?
Did you follow the steps below ( in top WRF directory):
./clean -a
./configure (then choose the option you want)
./compile em_les

You should have ideal.exe and wrf.exe produced.
Thanks for answering
I follow exactly those steps and it only generates the ideal.exe and the wrf.exe. That is my question, if when compiling the em_less I should only wait for these two executables