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how to run wrf with intelmpi for multi node


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I can able to run wrf in multinode but i would like to use infiniband with intempi.

Could anyone please help me on how to compile wrf.exe with intempi
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You should not need to make any special modifications to WRF to use intelmpi. You just need to ensure that the 'mpif90' and 'mpicc' commands that are used when compiling WRF are those provided by the Intel MPI library.
Dear Kwener, Thanks for your reply.

i followed the wrf build process im able to run wrf succcesfully i used 12 hour run. i see wrf ran successfully but only thing is when i use 2 nodes and 32 processs i see WRF.exe ran in 3 minutes.
but the below azure wrf link shows they simulated wrf for 2 -3 hours. but my wrf.exe gives output in 3 minutes. Im little confused coud you please explain
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