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How to save time series data only for specific domain in WRF and set output directory?


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I'm currently working on running a simulation with the WRF model and need some guidance regarding time series output. My simulation involves three nested domains, but I'm interested in saving time series (tslist option) data only for the innermost domain. Is there a way to disable time series output for the other two domains while keeping it active for the innermost one?

Additionally, I'd like to know if there's a method to specify the directory where the time series data will be saved, similar to how you can set the history_outname for other WRF output files.

Any help or insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

There is no option in the standard WRF codes to specify in which domain and at what path the time series output is written. If you want such kinds of options, please modify the code "wrf_timeseries.F", in which you can find the following piece of code:

WRITE(grid%ts_filename(k),'(A)') TRIM(grid%nametsloc(grid%id_tsloc(k)))//'.d00.TS'
               i = LEN_TRIM(grid%ts_filename(k))
               WRITE(grid%ts_filename(k)(i-4:i-3),'(I2.2)') grid%id

You can add path to 'ts_filename' and save time series output in the place you specified.

Selection of the domain in which you want the output involved some more complicated coding. Basiclaly you need to pass the domain ID to the above code, then add conditions to tell the code in which domain to calculate and output the time series.

Hope this is helpful.