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how to set beta plane for convrad idealized case?

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Hi! I'm trying to run the convrad case on a beta plane (the default is on a f plane). However I couldn't find a template in the existing idealized case under test/ directory nor similar questions asked in the forum. The only relevant may be the single column case (see the code below). Nevertheless, I did not how to proceed from there. Appreciate any help! Thanks!

grid%e(i,j)        = 2.0*EOMEG*cos(config_flags%scm_lat*DEGRAD)
grid%f(i,j)        = 2.0*EOMEG*sin(config_flags%scm_lat*DEGRAD)

Unfortunately I'm not aware of anyone who has done this, and we lack the resources to spend much time trying to figure out how to modify the code if it's not related to a bug. Hopefully someone who is able to help will see your post and offer some advice. Other than that, I'd recommend just playing around with the code and trying different things.