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How to successfully track the trajectory of the typhoon?

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I now use vortex-following to configure WRF.
Use grep ATCF rsl.out.0000 to get the current situation of the typhoon center. But what if there are many typhoons?
At the same time, (for example) if the typhoon was formed at 7.5, but I started to run WRF from 7.1, and the positioning point of 7.1 is far from the center of the typhoon actually formed at 7.5 (but both are in the initial set nest ), then can the automatic algorithm of WRF be found?
Hi Yanhongyi ,
If the model starts much earlier than the time when the vortex is formed, you still need to specify the nested domain based on where the vortex may possibly form. It is just that the nested domain will remain where it is until after the vortex forms and moves to the edge of the nested domain.
From this perspective, I believe that WRF can simulate multiple typhoons at the same time.
Please try and let me know if you have any issues.