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How to update the SST in vortex-following nested d02?


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I am trying to update SST both in d01 and d02(vortex-following). In d01, I just set sst_update=1 and use wrflowinp_d01 for WRF to automatically update SST every 6 hours, and it works.

According to this thread (Using SST update with moving inner domain), I just run the WRF for 6 hours every time, then I replaced the SST-related variables in wrfrst_d02 files. But I found in every restart file, the SST, SST_INPUT, LANDMASK, LAKEMASK would be all zero, it seems that WRF consider the vortex-following nest d02 as a place with all land but no ocean water(But since I input wrfinput_d02, it would have topography information in d02)?
This is my namelist:

interval_seconds = 21600
input_from_file = .true.,.true.,.false.

io_form_auxinput2 = 2
history_interval = 180, 180, 180
frames_per_outfile = 1, 1, 1
restart = .true.,
restart_interval = 360,
io_form_history = 2
io_form_restart = 2
io_form_input = 2
io_form_boundary = 2
debug_level = 0
auxinput4_inname = "wrflowinp_d<domain>"

auxinput4_interval = 360,
io_form_auxinput4 = 2

This figure shows the "landmask" in d02.

And this figure show the "SST" in d02(last 6 hours I had replaced the SST).

And the SST field I interpolate for this area is like this:

I replaced the SST_INPUT, SST, SSTSK, TSK, TS_URB and TSK_SAVE every 6 hours(all the same as the SST field I interpolated), but it seems that it doesn't work: in evert restart files, the SST-related fields are still zero, and the TC intensity shows no change with cold SST in d02.

I want to ask which variables should I replace in wrfrst_d02. Should I replace the LANDMASK and LAKEMASK at the same time?
Unfortunately the sst_update option does not run properly when using vortex-following. The reason is that the update is only modified by the wrflowinp file, but that file shouldn't be created for d02 when running a vortex-following case. It's possible there are others who may read this and have been able to successfully make modifications to the code to allow for it, but at this time, we do not have any code that can do this.