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how to use the wrfout file in get_pyngl and glob?


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dear friends,
I encountered two issues when processing wrf output data.
first one: when I use the get_pyngl, it told me that RuntimeError: 'pyngl' is not installed or is disabled. but I have install the Nio &Ngl in conda, how to call this program?
here is my code.
#6.5PyNGL example using a variable
from wrf import getvar, get_pyngl, geo_bounds, latlon_coords
from __future__ import print_function
from netCDF4 import Dataset

ncfile = Dataset("/mnt/hgfs/H/1-dataprocess/6-wrfoutput/w-test4/")

#get the sea level pressure
slp = getvar(ncfile, "slp")

#import Nio, Ngl
#get tge pyngl resources from the variable
pyngl_resources = get_pyngl(slp)

#get the latitude and longitude coordinate.
lats,lons = latlon_coords(slp)
print(lats, lons)

#get the geobounds from the SLP variable
bounds = geo_bounds(slp)

#get the geographic boundaries for a subset of the domain
slp_subset = slp[100:150,2:50]
slp_subset_bounds = geo_bounds(slp_subset)

second one: when I want to add all wrf files to analysis, it showed a AttributeError: NetCDF: Can't open HDF5 attribute. I am sure the file path of wrf outfiles is right and can you tell me how to solve this problem?
here is my code.
#7* geographic boundaries with moving nest example
from wrf import ALL_TIMES, getvar, geo_bounds
from glob import glob
from netCDF4 import Dataset as nc
#get all the domain 01 files
wrf_filenames = glob("/mnt/hgfs/H/dataprocess/6-wrfoutput/wrfout_d01_*")
ncfile = [nc(x) for x in wrf_filenames]

#slp is the example variable and includes all times
slp = getvar(ncfile, "slp", timeidx=ALL_TIMES)
#get the geographic boundaries
bounds = geo_bounds(slp)

here attaches my wrf outfile. can you help me?