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how to use wrf_slp


New member
hello friends,
I'm tring to change PSFC to slp. but i can't find where can i download wrf_slp.
I checked this web site(wrf_slp).
But i want to know the full script of function wrf_slp.
is this the full script of wrf_slp?
if not, where can i see full script of wrf_slp?

thanks have a good day!
This is the interface of NCL function for SLP calculation. The original formula should be like:

SLP = P* EXP((2.*G*Z)/(R* (TSLP+TSFC))))

P (unit: mb) and Z are pressure and geopotential height at lowest half model level. tslp and tsfc are sea-level temperature and surface temperature (unit: K)