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Hydrostatic equilibrium


Good morning, I am familiar with running the WRF model, and recently, I have started investigating the application of synthetic scenarios. I already know how to edit the topography, but now I want to generate initial atmospheric conditions in hydrostatic equilibrium to observe the subsequent evolution with GFS forcing data. How could I generate these initial conditions? Which variables would be essential to modify? Would it be best to edit the first metgrid file or wrfinput file?
Thank you.
I believe the initial condition you derive from the large-scale forcing data (e.g., GFS, ERA, etc.) are in hydrostatic equilibrium state.
Hello again,
I have been plotting WRF simulation cross sections for different variables against height to study hydrostatic equilibrium. My question is regarding pressure vs height graph. Why is the pattern so flat even after 13 hours of simulation? (bottom graphs are first time forecast and top graphs represent forecast=13 hours).


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