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I do not see wrfrst files


New member
After my previous run hit the wall time limit, I tried to restart the rest (restart = .true.. But I got an error opening wrfrst_d01_... I checked the run directory (.../em_real). I do not see any wrfrst files. Cause I set a different path using history_outname for the wrfout files, I checked that directory too. But, still I do not see them. Here are the related lines from my namelist.input for my initial run.

interval_seconds = 10800,
input_from_file = .true.,.true.,.true.
history_interval = 60, 60, 60,
frames_per_outfile = 1, 1, 1,
restart = .false.,
restart_interval = 180,
io_form_history = 2
io_form_restart = 2
io_form_input = 2
io_form_boundary = 2
debug_level = 0
diag_print = 0
nwp_diagnostics = 1
history_outname = '/data/.../wrfout_d<domain>_<date>'

Any suggestion or advice would be immensely helpful!

You might try to specify in your first run :
rst_outname = '/data/.../wrfrst_d<domain>_<date>'

Please note that rst_inname doesn't work so you will need to copy or link your wrfrst file to your working directory in order to do a restart run.

Can you post your namelist.input for both the initial run and the restart run?
I am suspicious that you didn't save any wrfrst files in your initial run, which might be cased by various reasons.