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Icon EU


New member
One question. I downloaded the last versione of WPS. Is It ready to run wrf with iconEU data or Need some other step?
For example i saw some reference to HSURF variabile to be added for each time step but i didn t find this variabile in the Vtable.Icon.
Can you explain the step to be followed ?

I already run wrf with iconEU but i found some strange data in the Rain so i would check again the configuration (i use in the namelist.input nummetgrid 61 and soil level 6)

I found some info on GitHub Adding support for ICON in WPS by grafmi · Pull Request #221 · wrf-model/WPS and 154
But there are a lot of fragmented informations without any reference for example to HSURF layer.

I would likes to understand if It Is enough download grib and go ahead with vtable.iconm or of Need additional steps.
(Also in the vtable file there are indication about the Need to ingest the field time invarianti for each time step for example)