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Ideal.exe using pre-compiled code on Cheyenne

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Hi there,

I am currently using the WRF-ARW pre-compiled code version 4.1.4 on Cheyenne following instructions from

I cannot find scripts to run idealized versions of WRF, whereas when I ran real cases batch scripts were availabe here:

Additionally, if I go into my directory where I have the precompiled WRF located (/glade/scratch/doughert/WRF_sim/WRF4.1.4/), there is no ideal.exe anywhere to be found and I have checked the sub-directories of .../main/ .../run/ and .../test, where it should be.

Can you please help me run ideal.exe using the precompiled version of WRF on Cheyenne or let me know if there is a better way of doing this? Thanks.
WRF is only precompiled for real-data case. If you run ideal case, please download the source codes, and compile the code yourself.
In cheyenne, please follow the steps below:
cd /your WRF top directory/
./clean -a
./configure and choose the compiler/compilng mode
./compile your ideal case
Please let me know if you have any problems.