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Idealized TC case with ocean feedback (sf_ocean_physics=1,2)


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I am trying to conduct idealized TC simulation. It works well when sf_ocean_physics is set to 0. However, when I try to use the PWP component, sf_ocean_physics=2, the model has hanged. The model still seems to be running, just like a previous post at sf_ocean_physics = 2 with idealized TC case. The namelist.input and rsl.out, rsl.error files and attached. A reply cannot be added into this linkage now.
I also tried using sf_ocean_physics=1, the model appears to work well, but the output SST is 0.
Could anyone give some advice to resolved this?



  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.out.0000
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  • rsl.error.0000
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Please see the attached files that address the sf_ocean_physics =2 issue. These files are provided by Nikhil.
Hope they are helpful for you.


  • module_initialize_tropical_cyclone.diff.txt
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  • module_sf_3dpwp.diff.txt
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I changed the codes following these files. However, the model still hangs. It seems the same problem remains.
The problem is resolved. This was caused because I did not change the codes of module_initialize_tropical_cyclone.F as suggested.
I followed all the modififcations except: 1) claiming of OM_W variable, and 2) grid%sst_c variable.
Now the model can complete successfully.
However, a new problem arises. I find that there is no grid%sst_c variable in WRF (I just neglect this change in module_initialize_tropical_cyclone.F).
The model result seems to be little affected after turning on the PWP choice... I suspect the SST was not updated effectively.
May I know how is this information processed by Nikhil? How is grid%sst_c defined and used?