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idealized three-dimensional mesoscale mountain

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I trying to do an idealized simulation of a 3D mountain to study the orographic effects of heavy rainfall. However, I do not know where to start to set up the idealized simulation. Do I need to change the 2d bell-shaped mountain code or is there something else I need to do?
Unfortunately I'm not aware of anyone who has done this, but I would think there are different ways you could go about doing it. You could either start with the code for hill_2dx and, using a 3d case example as a reference, modify it to have 3d components, or start from a 3d case, and, using the hill_2dx case as a reference, modify it to create a large mountain. Without having done this, I would think the first way would be the easier of the 2 options. If it helps at all, you can take a look at this FAQ that discusses creating a new idealized case.