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I'm totally stuck after building WRF in my Ubuntu 20.04


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Hello everyone.

Let me introduce myself and explain why am I involved in all this without any knowledge. I'm a data science MSc student and my thesis is going to be about wind power. Therefore I need sustainable and historical wind data for certain points of my country. Our government also uses WRF model to make wind speed predictions all over the country, however they refuse to provide them for free and expect me to pay silly amounts of money (Like over 60$/month per point, and I need at least 100 points). Because of this, I decided to build my own WRF model to produce historical and day-to-day wind predictions from the start of 2021. And oh boy, little did I know what kind of chaotic process it was. There are tutorials that are outdated, links that are not working etc. First I tried the tutorial in Compiling WRF which I failed because of bash and csh differences, then I found a way to compile it via Installing WRF 4.2.1 on Ubuntu LTS 20.04 - Pratiman Homepage. Thankfully I was able to compile WRF with help of this link. After that, I wasn't able to do anything else. I managed to download the mandatory files from Static Data Downloads , and I am also searching for GFS data for Turkey which I wasn't able to find till now.

So now, here I am asking for help as my last hope. If I can't find help, I don't how am I going to pull this thesis off. So, I compiled WRF but I can't find any related files. Even if find some archive files, they are at most 0.25 degrees which is around 25-30 km resolution, however the government's data has the resolution of 4.5 km.

1) My aim is to just enter some lat-lon information and get that point's wind speed predictions on a regular basis, what files do I need for this, or is it even possible?
2) Is it possible for me to get high resolution data? I see some maps that covers certain areas like western europe, USA, etc. How can I obtain high-res wind data for Turkey?
3) Is there a step by step tutorial for what to do after compiling WRF. Because I've tried everything I can find on Google and I'm really frustrated because I couldn't make it work.

At this point I'm really hopeless, the only way for me to get help is this forum I think, so here I am. Any help, or a redirection for help is greatly appreciated. This seems puzzling for me probably because these kind of softwares are not my area of expertise. So yeah, hope you all have a great day.

1) The mandatory input data for running the WPS process (prior to running WRF) is listed in the WPS chapter of our WRF Users' Guide. You must have those fields in order to run the model.
2) I'm not sure what resolution you're specifically looking for, but there are some additional options listed here. Even if the input data you use is more coarse than you desire, you can still create a nested domain that will allow you to increase resolution.
3) We do have an online tutorial you can follow, which goes through the process of running the WPS, including processing data, and then running WRF. I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the process before trying to run your specific case. Try to not make too many changes too quickly, as the model can be sensitive and changing too much may make your simulation crash. These additional resources are available.

- If you need basic NWP training, take a look at courses provided by the COMET group at NCAR.
- We have all of our tutorial presentation recordings available on YouTube. And the .pdf versions of those are available here.
- WRF Users’ Guide
- Best Practice for Namelists (provides recommended settings for creating your domain and other namelist options):