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Inconsistency between WRFV3 and WRFV4 (set issue?)

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This is a follow-up to my long possibly confusing post. My error came from two items that I hadn't considered. First the default namelist.input file in version 3 and version 4 had different scm_vegfra settings.

scm_vegfra = .5

scm_vegfra = 50.

Reading the documentation for both version this seemed like they were both equal because v3 said it was using a fraction and v4 said it was using a percentage. After comparing the module_sf_noahdrv.F files in both versions I realized the v3 document was wrong and both versions are using percentage. So I changed the setting so they match and then found out that the scm namelist settings currently require the code to be recompiled (using a clean -a first). Ugh! I now have a clean baseline but it would be nice if the scm namelist setting could be used without forcing a full recompile.
Thanks for the detailed explanation of the problem, I appreciate it!
You mentioned that once the namelist option scm_vegfra = 50 is changed, you need to recompile em_scm to make it work correctly, is this right?
I look at the codes, and I think that you only need to rerun ideal.exe. There is no reason that the code must be recompiled only because a namelist option is changed. Please let me know if I misunderstand something here.
Ming Chen,

Thank you for the reply. I checked what you said and you are correct, I had not run ideal.exe after resetting my scm_vegfra :oops: . I incorrectly attributed the option being reset when I recompiled but of course the recompilation lead to me rerunning ideal.exe afterwards because I ran a ./clean -a before recompiling when I was trying to figure out this issue. So we can chalk this up to operator error. I guess it would be nice if WRF had a namelist check that would let you know if there was an inconsistency between the wrfinput_d01 file and the namelist.input file and/or something in the documentation that let's you know if a namelist option requires a rerunning of ideal since many options do not. Again that would be a nice to have to help some of the novice or rusty users (like me) from committing a silly user error.

Thank you again!
Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate your suggestions. Please take a look at the code share/module_check_a_mundo.F, which covers lots of issues related o incorrect settings. However, it surely doesn't cover everything.