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Inconsistent treatment of file names in namelist.input

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Chris Thomas

New member
Hi there,
It appears that wrf.exe wants unquoted file names in the &fdda namelist. To make wrf.exe run I had to remove the quotes in the entry

gfdda_inname = “wrffdda_d<domain>”

This is at odds with the instructions in Section 5g of the Users Guide and also differs from the treatment of filenames in the &time_control namelist, where quotes around file names are tolerated or are perhaps mandatory. This is a small issue but was a difficult problem to diagnose and cost me a lot of time. Perhaps the treatment of filenames throughout the namelists should be made consistent, or if this is not possible perhaps Section 5g of the User's Guide should be modified.
Hi Chris,
Can you let me know which version of WRF you are using? I just ran a test with the latest version and it seems to be working fine with the quotes in the namelist. I know that some systems have problems when things are copied/pasted into a namelist. Doing so can sometimes add extra hidden characters that cause problems. That may not have been what you did, but just thought I'd mention it.
Sorry it took so long to reply. You are correct and in fact I remember pasting the option in from the User Guide pdf. My apologies.