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initialize WRF with satellite soil moisture

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I need help on the following:

1. I want to initialize my short-time scale simulations with satellite soil moisture. I am thinking of making the change into the wrfinput.dxx file i.e. to remove the smois layer in wrfinput from reanalysis data and replace it with satellite soil moisture. Is this possible? But i have concerns around dealing with the WRF 'irregular' projection from WGS84 Lat/Long files. Anyone with a procedure or recipe (codes) for doing this?

2 If i want to increase or decrease the smois values by some percentage, how best can i go about it?


I believe it is feasible to replace soil moisture by your own satellite data in wrfinput. To do so, you need to put your own data on the WRF grids. I am not sure of the format of your satellite data. If possible, can you manage to write those data in intermediate format ? If so, you can take advantage of metgrid.exe to remap those data to WRF grids.

You can easily increase/decrease smois in wrfinput using NCL. Please see the example here:

Many thanks, for your response

I think with a couple sleepless nights, the netcdf & GeoTIFF files can be written into the WRF Intermediate File Format!

However, my follow up question is what then? Do you have the how instructions/guide? Do I need to modify some tables?

I am using Noah LSM and the satellite Soil Moisture will be mainly for the top layer!