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Initializing idealized cases - metgrid and TCs

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Aviv Ofir

New member
I would like to initialize an ideal TC with WRF v.4.0, but I am required to specify the metgrid input. I don't understand how can I do that since the ideal TC is supposed to be completely specified by the input parameters.

More generally - a step-by-step lesson like this one but for an idealized case like a TC - would be highly appreciated.
Unfortunately we don't have any sort of step-by-step process for doing specifically what you are wanting to. As you said, ideal cases are run without a specific area of the Earth, or specific atmospheric data as input - they use a specified sounding. The metgrid program does essentially that - combines the actual terrain, landuse, etc. static data with the atmospheric data for a certain time period. So I'm not sure how this type of simulation would be an ideal case. Would it be possible to simply run a tropical cyclone real-data case, or vortex-following case to get the type of results you're interested in?