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Input data time resolution

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I would like to know if its possible to use input data with time resolution less than one hour.
I think the intermediate format just can be created with the format YYYY-MM-DD_HH, but the namelist options allows the parameter interval_seconds.
In namelist.wps, one option is interval_seconds, which can be specified based on the interval of your forcing data. Can you try?
Yes i can try, but how I write the intermediate files with less time resolution of one hour?
its posible something like FILE:YYYY–MM–DD_HH:MM:SS? or how can i do it.
Yes that is what I suggested. Please let me know whether it works. We haven't processed forcing data at such a high temporal resolution. I look forward to the results. Thanks.
Thanks for the update, --- it is good to know that it works.
I just want to confirm that, you write intermediate file named like: FILE:YYYY–MM–DD_HH:MM:SS
Then specify time_interval in namelist.wps based on the temporal resolution of your input data.
Usually you don't need minutes and seconds because time interval is one hour or more, in this case if you put them (hh:mm:ss or hh:mm), metgrid.exe can't find the files. but if the time interval is less than one hour, you need the minutes (hh:mm) and similarly if you put the seconds metgrid can't find the intermediate files.