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input_from_file with only one domain

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Dear WRF suppporters,
I just need a clarification about the input_from_file option in the Real/WRF namelist.
I'm running a forecast on a single domain (max_dom=1), with initial and boundary conditions from ECMWF-IFS.
In my namelist I set input_from_file = .false. so that the wrfinput_d01 contains only the fields of the initial condition.
What will happen to my simulation if I set input_from_file = .true. ? I guess that the wrfinput_d01 file will contain the interpolated ECMWF fiels every 6 hours. But the point is: will WRF be relaxed to the ECMWF field every 6 hours inside the domain?
I want to run in "forecast mode" so I want WRF to be free to evolve the dynamics inside the domain starting from the IC and with the 6-hourly updated lateral BC. Am I correct?
Thank you very much.


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Hi Francesco,
The variable "input_from_file" is used for nested simulations to determine whether the nests will use input files, or will obtain their input solely interpolated from domain 1. Since you are running a single domain run, this should be set to true. The wrfinput_d01 file will contain on the initial conditions at the start of the simulation, which the wrfbdy_d01 file will contain the boundary conditions every 6 hours (based on your input interval).