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Is it possible to have 2 different configurations of WRF installed?


New member
I installed WRF-ARW with the usual configuration and compilation settings (34 and 1, em_real). I chose a case study wherein I want to see how different parameterization schemes can affect a TC track, so now I want to install WRF with vortex following but not delete my current WRF that is installed. If I can have 2 installations of WRF with different configurations, is it recommended? Will it not disrupt any of the environment variables or necessary packages installed for my default WRF?

I also can't seem to find any step-by-step guide on how to install WRF with vortex following. May I ask for a copy of the installation guide for it? Or if no installation guide is available, possibly the steps I need to change during configuration and compilation.

Thanks in advance.
Apologies for the delay in response to this inquiry. Yes, you can have two different configurations/builds of WRF without them disturbing each other or the environment. Just make sure to build them in separate directories.

Regarding building for vortex-following, the only difference is that you will choose the nesting option 3 (for vortex-following) when you configure.