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Is it possible to use moving nests in single calculations?

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Is it possible to use moving nests in single calculations?

The official WRF homepage says to select "dmpar". However, after running "./configure" and selecting "serial", you can select not only "basic" but also "preset" and "vortex following" (in any WRF version). Compilation was also successful. Is parallel computing always necessary to use moving nests?
It is possible to compile a moving nest with a serial compile, but this will limit the size/resolution of your domains. Most real applications will likely need more than 1 processor. You can take a look at this FAQ regarding the size of domains and number of processors necessary. If your domains are small, and you are able to resolve what you're interested in, and are getting reasonable results, then it may be perfectly fine to only use 1 processor (serial).
Hello. I am going to use a large domain, so I will try to compile with parallel computing. Thank you for your reply.