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Is there a limit in the simulation area?

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The wlfinput and wrfbdy files are not generated even when running real.exe.

This happened by expanding the computational domain.
dx = dy = 9000
There is no problem if the number of grids is 300x300 or 200x200.

This problem occurred when the number of grids was 400 × 400, 500 × 500, and 600 × 600.

Is there a limit to the WRF simulation area?
* This is a one-domain simulation.
1) I would recommend first checking your disk space in the directory where you are attempting to write-out the wrfbdy and wrfinput files. If you are low, it may be that you have enough space for the boundary/initial files for a smaller domain, but not when you increase the size.

2) If you are using a version of WRF prior to V3.9, and did not compile with large file support, and if the wrfbdy/wrfinput files could be larger than 2 GB each, then that could be the problem, and you would need to compile the code with large file support. You would need to clean the code (./clean -a), then set (csh e.g.):
then reconfigure and recompile and try to run real again.

3) If you don't think either of these is the problem, please attach the namelist.input file you're using for the run, along with the rsl.out.0000 and rsl.error.0000 files for the real.exe run. And please let me know the version of the model.