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Is there deep soil nudging method for NOAH LSM?

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I know there is an option in namelist.input about deep soil nudging for PX LSM?
Is there available way to do deep soil nudging if using NOAH LSM?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Ming,

Thank you for your reply.
I am curious what’s the relationship between deep soil nudging and land surface module.
Do you have any suggestion to further understand that?

Thank you.

land surface module deals with soil physics. It predicts soil temperature and soil moisture.
The option "pxlsm_soil_nudge" turns on soil nudging when you run with PX surface scheme. WIth this option being activated, soil moisture and soil temperature produced by PX surface scheme will be indirectly 'corrected' based on observations. It is expected that the model results will be ore consistent with observations.
For more details, Please read the paper "An Indirect Data Assimilation Scheme for Deep Soil Temperature in the Pleim–Xiu Land Surface Model" (DOI:
Hi Ming,

I see. Thanks a lot for your explanation. I read that paper before. Let me further check it.

Thank you.