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Issues when ./configure WRF-Chem 4.5


New member
Hello folks,
I got a warning when I ./configure the WRF-Chem 4.5:

************************** W A R N I N G ************************************ The moving nest option is not available due to missing rpc/types.h file. Copy landread.c.dist to landread.c in share directory to bypass compile error. ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** This build of WRF will use classic (non-compressed) NETCDF format *****************************************************************************

So, I tested in the tools directory with make rpc_test > rpc_test.log 2>&1. The script didn't find the types.h (located in /usr/include/tirpc/rpc). So, I linked with ln -sf /usr/include/tirpc . inside the WRF/tools directory. So, the script rcp_test.c found the types.h, but when it wanted to use the netconfig.h, it couldn't find. The netconfig.h is located in /usr/include/tirpc, but the types.h doesn't consider it.

Finally, I made the suggestion of the warning:

cp share/landread.c.dist share/landread.c

I don't know if the last one is correct to compile em_real. Do you have any idea?

I have the same issue with v4.5.1. I tested with v4.2.1 and the tool recognizes the folder with the files (so I think its a problem with 4.5.x).

I can compile without copy the file (like the warning says) but I don't know if that is correct too.