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Issues with Geogrid and LANDUSEF

I'm having some issues with the preprocessors. I built them directly from Github (git clone ) so I assume that they are the latest version (is there a way to check out version?). Running Geogrid w/o any extras works fine but including LANDUSEF requires to set geog_data_res = 'usgs_lakes+default'. Here, the problem is that Geogrid is looking for the subdirectory landuse_30s_with_lakes.index. I thought that I could work around the problem by moving 'modis_landuse_20class_30s_with_lakes' to 'landuse_30s_with_lakes' but the workaround does not work as the log indicates:
2023-01-25 14:49:39.502 --- *** Starting program geogrid.exe ***
2023-01-25 14:49:39.502 --- Using the following namelist variables:
2023-01-25 14:49:39.503 --- /
2023-01-25 14:49:39.511 --- Processing domain 1 of 1
2023-01-25 14:49:39.511 --- INFORM: For HGT_M, couldn't find interpolator sequence for resolution usgs_lakes.
2023-01-25 14:49:39.511 --- INFORM: Using default interpolator sequence for HGT_M.
2023-01-25 14:49:39.511 --- INFORM: For HGT_M, couldn't find usgs_lakes data source.
2023-01-25 14:49:39.511 --- INFORM: Using default data source for HGT_M.

The second problem is when running metgrid as the format of the output files reads:
Is this right or should it read ?
NOTE: I was trying to attach the GEOGRID.TBL.ARW file, which looks OK to me, but it doesn't have the right extension.
Is there any special reason you want to use uses-lakes as input? Note that higher resolution datasets of modis_landuse_20class_15s_with_lakes and modis_landuse_20class_30s_with_lakes could be a better option.

For the metgrid output, it is correct that met_em files at various times of your study period will be produced, cuts like what showed in your post.
Hi Ming,
I want to use modis_landuse_20class_30s_with_lakes but my issue is that Geogrid is looking for the files at the subdirectory landuse_30s_with_lakes. I still that the issue is related to versions, but I cloned directly from Github.
In you namelist.wps, the static data option is set as :

geog_data_res = 'usgs_lakes+default'

Please take a look at your path
"geog_data_path = '/home/ubuntu/WRF-4.4/WPS_GEOG',

where you should find the subdirectory "landuse_30s_with_lakes". The data and 'index' file should be located there.

It seems that you don't have this subdirectory and/or 'index' file.
Hello Ming,
The directory /home/ubuntu/WRF-4.4/WPS_GEOG has the following subdirectories:
ubuntu@ip-172-31-55-165:~/WRF-4.4/WPS_GEOG$ ls
albedo_modis lai_modis_30s orogwd_10m orogwd_2deg soiltype_bot_30s varsso varsso_5m
greenfrac_fpar_modis maxsnowalb_modis orogwd_1deg orogwd_30m soiltype_top_30s varsso_10m
lai_modis_10m modis_landuse_20class_30s_with_lakes orogwd_20m soiltemp_1deg topo_gmted2010_30s varsso_2m
The attached files lists the details for the modis_landuse_20class_30s_with_lakes and WPS_GEOGsubdirectories.


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P.S. I believe that the issue might be originated because geog_data_res should read 'modis_30s_lake+default' at namelist.wps. This fixed the problem.
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You are right. if you set

geog_data_res = 'modis_30s_lake+default',

WPS will read data from modis_landuse_20class_30s_with_lakes, which does exist in your WPS_GEOG path.
Maybe I'm missing something but it seemed that for the latest WPS_GEOG package with the highest resolution, the only 2 available options were either default or modis+landuse+20class_30s_with_lakes (no USGS or other MODIS dataset) even tough the GEOGRID.TBL.ARW lists many more others.