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issues with sf_ocean_physics = 1

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I am trying to run simulations with coupling WRF atmospheric model with a mixed-layer ocean model. Here is the change I made in the namelist.input. I switched on sf_ocean_physics by setting "sf_ocean_physics = 1". For the initial mixed-layer depth, I tried two different values, one with oml_hml0 = 50 (default value in the namelist) and oml_hml0 = 0 ( oml is initialized with climatological ocean mixed depth, according to the README.namelist. Both runs finished without problems. Yet when I check the mixed layer depth, SST and TSK for both runs, it seems like there is something wrong with the results.
1. For the oml_hml0 = 50: The value of mixed-layer depth changed but the SST and TSK values didn't change during the 72-h hour simulation.
2. For the oml_hml0 = 0: the initial value of mixed-layer depth is 0, not climatological value as described in the README.namelist. The SST didn't change during the simulation but TSK did.


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Hi Chen Hua,
Please let me know which version of WRF you are running. Have you made any changes in the standard WRF?