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Large Output Size

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When I run wrf.exe it generates a file for each hour of the year which has a size of 45mb. So, for the whole year, the total wrfout file size will be around ~380 GB, which is not a viable option for me, but, I need the whole year data to as we run dispersion modelling for 1 year. Is there any options to just select the parameters like wind directions, wind speed, precipitation rate so that the file size can be reduced?

I split this question from your original one, since the topic is different, and I moved it to this wrf.exe section of the forum.

Yes, there are options to only print out what you're interested in. Take a look at the "Runtime I/O" options in the WRF Users' Guide.

If the files are still too large, another useful option is to have the output sent to another directory that may be able to handle the size. You can do this by adding the namelist parameter "history_outname" in the &time_control section of the namelist.input file.
history_outname = "/path/to/new/directory/wrfout_d<domain>_<date>"
Make sure to include the quotes and don't modify the syntax of "wrfout_d<domain>_<date>." That is the exact format the model will expect.

Hopefully those options are helpful!