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Lightning flash counts are coming zero while using WRF-4.2.1 with fast sbm microphysics scheme


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hello everyone, I am trying to simulate a lightning event using WRF4.2.1 with fast sbm microphysics scheme (option=30). Using same namelist, I have found CG & IG lightning flash values,while using WRF 3.8.1. But,here lightning CG & IC flash counts are both coming zero in this new WRF version. I have attached the name list here. I will be highly obliged,if you can help me.


  • namelist_light.txt
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In this case, please stay with WRFV3.8.1. FSBM scheme wet through quite a lot of changes since WRFV3.8.1, and it is possible that some bugs are introduced during the process. We will contact the developers and hopefully they can provide some information regarding this issue.