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Longitudes go in "another format" -

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L Alvarez

New member
Hello there,

Running my ARWpost, it generates the latitudes correctly, but the longitudes go in "another format".
Someone has happened this and knows how to fix it?..

ga-> q dims
Default file number is: 1
X is varying Lon = 343.298 to 343.662 X = 1 to 189
Y is varying Lat = 28.0355 to 28.3571 Y = 1 to 189
Z is fixed Lev = 1 Z = 1
T is fixed Time = 08Z23AUG2012 T = 1
E is fixed Ens = 1 E = 1

Best regards,

L Alvarez
Did you mean that the longitude range is changed from (-180, 180) to (0,360) after running ARWpost? I suppose this is because Grads always use world coordinates (i.e., 0-360 longitude), --- I had this memory when I used Grads years ago. Pleaslet me know if I am wrong.