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Manipulating Topography

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I am unable to find information on how to manipulate topography in a 3D idealized case. I would like to create an idealized valley to simulate in WRF. Which case should I compile? I am assuming the LES case...Then I need to edit the topography in module_initialize_ideal.F? Any guidance on this would be helpful. Thanks!

CASE (les)
! FOR LES, set stretch to false
stretch_grid = .false.
delt = 3.
! z_scale = .40
z_scale = 8000./config_flags%ztop ! not used if stretch_grid = .false.
pi = 2.*asin(1.0)
write(6,*) ' pi is ',pi
nxc = (ide-ids)/2
nyc = (jde-jds)/2