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metgrid error with CESM data

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I am running WRF with CESM1 RCP 8.5.
I skipped the step of ungrib since the data are already in intermediate format. When I ran metgrid.exe, I am facing this error:

Did not recognize format version of data in CCSM4_CMIP5_MOAR_BC_RCP85:2050-01-01.\nFound version 1129601360 but expected either 3, 4 or 5.This could be an endian problem.

I am getting the idea based on some searching that this is due to the data already being in intermediate format? Is there a way to actually get the CeSM1 RCP data in its actual grib format or is there any other solution to this error. Would really appreciate any help, it is my PhD research!


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Did you compile WPS with the big-endian option? For example, you need to turn on -byteswapio option if you compile the code with PGI compiler.
I believe that the CCSM4_CMIP5_MOAR_BC_RCP85 data are intermediate format data. However, this dataset was produced a while ago, and I am not sure whether it is consistent with newer version of WPS. If it doesn't work, you may need to contact NCAR CISL RDA to find the original data.

Just to update the issue is resolved.
The csh script to download the RCP files on the CESM page was having issues due to which the files downloaded were corrupt I think. So I used their python script and the files downloaded perfectly! And hence WRF has run successfully.