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metgrid.exe not found in WPS directory


New member
Hello, I have followed the steps for compiling WRF and WPS from the following website Compiling WRF
After compiling I was supposed to get the three executables geogrid.exe,ungrib.exe and metgrid.exe. I didnt getmetgrid.exe in my WPS directory.

I'm attaching a log.compile file for your reference (theres a netcdf library error) but i dont know how to resolve it.
Please do look into it. Thank you
It looks like you may have forgotten to attach the compile log. Can you attach that, as well as your configure.wps file, and your WRF compile log and configure.wrf file? Thanks!
But I have another problem hope you can help me with that.

While configuring WRF.

after running the ./configure I'm not getting configure.wrf

Here's what it shows

Settings listed above are written to configure.wrf.
If you wish to change settings, please edit that file.
If you wish to change the default options, edit the file:
NetCDF users note:
This installation of NetCDF supports large file support. To DISABLE large file
support in NetCDF, set the environment variable WRFIO_NCD_NO_LARGE_FILE_SUPPORT
to 1 and run configure again. Set to any other value to avoid this message.

************************** W A R N I N G ************************************
NETCDF4 IO features are requested, but this installation of NetCDF
DOES NOT support these IO features.

Please make sure NETCDF version is 4.1.3 or later and was built with

OR set NETCDF_classic variable
bash/ksh : export NETCDF_classic=1
csh : setenv NETCDF_classic 1

Then re-run this configure script

!!! configure.wrf has been REMOVED !!!
Hi, thanks for reverting. But Issues been resolved.
I'm glad to hear you were able to solve the issue. For the sake of future users, can you let us know what solved the problem? Thanks!

But I have another problem hope you can help me with that.
Since this issue is different than the original one posted here, will you please start a new thread with the new problem? This helps others to more cleanly search in the future.