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Missing time steps in wrfinput files

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Hello there,
I was running a 3 domain nested run in WRF3.8.1. I found the the real.exe runs perfectly fine. The wrfbdy_d01 file hass all the time steps. But, the wrfinput_d01, wrfinput_d02, and wrfinput_d03, have only first time step. The problem only occurring for three domain run. For one domain and for two domain, I don't get any error.

The ncdump command shows following time step for wrfbdy_d01
Times =
"2011-08-06_18:00:00" ;
But, the ncdum command only shows the first time step (i.e. "2011-08-05_00:00:00") for wrfinput_d01, wrfinput_d02, and wrfinput_d03.

I changed time step from 150 to 90 in namelist.input, still i am facing the same problem.

The rsl.error.0000 has no issue presently as it is as follows
d02 2011-08-05_06:00:00 alloc_space_field: domain 3, 22
8702800 bytes allocated
d02 2011-08-05_06:00:00 alloc_space_field: domain 3, 900
1480684 bytes allocated
metgrid input_wrf.F first_date_input = 2011-08-05_00:00:00
metgrid input_wrf.F first_date_nml = 2011-08-05_00:00:00
d03 2011-08-05_00:00:00 Timing for input 5 s.
d03 2011-08-05_00:00:00 flag_soil_layers read from met_em file is 1
d03 2011-08-05_00:00:00 Turning off use of MAX WIND level data in vertical interr
d03 2011-08-05_00:00:00 Turning off use of TROPOPAUSE level data in vertical intt
Using sfcprs3 to compute psfc
d03 2011-08-05_00:00:00 flag value of flag_qnwfa is 1
d03 2011-08-05_00:00:00 No average surface temperature for use with inland lakes
Assume Noah LSM input
d03 2011-08-05_00:00:00 forcing artificial silty clay loam at 19 points, out oo
f 32232
d03 2011-08-05_00:00:00 Timing for processing 1 s.
d03 2011-08-05_00:00:00 Timing for output 3 s.
d03 2011-08-05_00:00:00 Timing for loop # 1 = 10 s.
d01 2011-08-07_00:00:00 real_em: SUCCESS COMPLETE REAL_EM INIT

What is the possible solution for this problem?

Please see my attached namelist files.


  • namelist.wps
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  • namelist.input
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wrfinput file does include only the data at the initial time. This is what we expect.

Is there any specific reason you want data at all times to be include din wrfinput?
Dear Ming Chen,
The main reason I posted this question is I am not able to get the output of all time steps in the wrfout files of 3 domains. i.e. wrfout_d1, wrfout_d2, wrfout_d3 all have the initial time step only i.e. 2011-08-05_00:00:00. Rest of the 7 time steps are missing. Do you have any further suggestion for the same problem. I am really not able to solve this issue since a long time and worried for the same. For one and two domain run everything is okay.

Please issue the command:
ncdump -v Times wrfout_d01_2011-08-05_00:00:00

you should be able to find that all times of wrfout are include din this file. The same for wrfout_d02 and wrfout_d03.

Note that in your namelist.input, you set frames_per_outfile = 1000, 1000, 1000, which means each single wrfout file includes 1000 times of output.