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Missing WRF output files


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Hello All,
I am running WRF for 120 hours with input data from GFS (6-hourly), with hourly output where each hour is written in a separate file. The model finishes the simulation fine, the logs indicates that as well, with all files written to the output directory.

The issue is that I can't find any output files past the first 48 hours.
I suspect it might have something to do with my configuration.

Attached you can find the namelist.input + all rsl.err and rsl.out files

Appreciate your help, and thanks in advance


  • namelist.input
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In your namelist.input, you have the options below:

auxhist23_outname = "diags.d<domain>.<date>"

frames_per_auxhist23 = 1000, 1000, 1000,

Which means that each diags file will contain 1000 times of output.

Please change it to
frames_per_auxhist23 = 1, 1, 1,

Then rerun the case. Also make sure you have enough space to save all the files.