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module_bc.F Fatal Error in WRF compile

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i am working on compiling WRF on a system using GNU compilers (version 4.4.7). I have successfully installed netcdf with netcdf-4 disabled, installed the WPS dependencies, and successfully completed the environmental tests outlined here:

Unfortunately, I was not able to get WRF to compile. The first fatal error that occurs is from the module_bc.F not being able to be found, but I think that there may be problems with my environment. I have attached both my configure file and the log file from the compile attempt. Any help with this would be much appreciated!



  • configure.wrf
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Your GNU compiler is too old. Is it possible that you update to a newer version oof GNU (e.g., GNU/9.10) then try again?
Thank you for the response. I have talked with my system administrators and they are helping me install a new GNU compiler. I will keep this post updated on whether or not we are successful!