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MPAS isobaric interpolation / mpas_convert


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Dear all,

Me and my colleagues from MONAN project - INPE/CPTEC (using MPAS as new dyncore) are studying the best ways to post process MPAS files in order to intepolate the vertical levels to desired levels.

We already done the alternatives:
- modify the MPAS and Registry.xml to plot desired levels - big file size!
- Run mpas_convert over the nVertLevels default levels from MPAS output
- run to convert to desired levels - here are my collaboration - run in parallel (todo: check outuput) - MONAN_GCC_issues/435 at main · monanadmin/MONAN_GCC_issues
- run MPASSIT - but it for regional only and in Lambert projection, as far as I know.

We are wondering if is there any advances in the mpas_convert or in python code to run the same MPAS interpolation ? In the best of our internet research, we don't see any alternatives.

We are planning maybe to bring the MPAS isobaric interpolator to mpas_convert, What do you think about?