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MPAS tutorial questions about ungrid and SST data


New member
Hello everyone,

I would like to ask you some questions about the MPAS tutorial.

1. In the installation of the MPAS model, is it possible to find the ungrib program or is it necessary to install the WRF model previously to get the ungrib program?

2. Where is the resource of the SST data input? Should I use ungrib with the SST datasets or not?

Thanks for your time,


Please see my answers below to you questions:

(1) Starting from WPSV4.3, a configure option, --nowrf, has been added to allow for configuration of the WPS without reference to a compiled WRF model. if you only need the ungrib component of the WPS, you can compile WPS with this option.

(2) Most of the reanalysis products like GFS, ERA5 etc include SST. When you run ungrib to extract variables from the reanalysis data, SST will be included in the intermediate file.

Hope this is helpful for you.